In The Studio ... Making Music With My Friends

I am an entertainer, but first and foremost, I am a musician.  Nothing makes me happier than to spend time in the studio being a part of the process that creates the music, and these past few months I've been a very happy man, because the music I've created has been my own. 


I have a new album soon to be released titled That Old Time Religion.

 There's a lot of pressure knowing the world is about to judge my work, and truthfully it's a little scary knowing I bared my soul in the arrangements of the songs I sang, but I created the music the way I FELT the music.

For years I had a great stage job that required me to play “in the box”...meaning, I had to play every song exactly like it was recorded.  There was no freedom for interpretation.  When I started to play “outside the box,” a funny thing happened:  I rediscovered the joy in my music.  It is that JOY that I hope you hear and feel.

Adding to the joy of the music itself, is the joy of making that music with some of the best studio musicians and artists in the world.  Bobby Bare is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.  TG Sheppard has twenty-one #1 records.  Jeannie Seely is a Grammy Award winner.  Jan Howard is a Grand Ole Opry legend.  Mandy Barnett has one of the best set of pipes I've ever heard.  Kelly Lang, The Tennessee River Boys and Alicia Lange are gifted singers and songwriters...and they all joined me on this project.  ME!

Yes...I am a very happy man...and details about That Old Time Religion and how to order a copy are coming soon...but right now, I just want to take a minute, exhale, and reflect back on this creative process.  Making an album is a journey, my friends...and I'm enjoying the trip!

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